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Noblesse Jewelry - Gold Jewelry, silver and pearl jewelry Noblesse - House Jewelry

Continuing the tradition of old masters goldsmiths, Noblesse Jewelry House aims to satisfy your thirst for beauty offering a vast array of jewelry and ornamental objects matching all gustuilor and preferences, both made using old traditional techniques, and technology in ultemele field.

We offer special jewelry, handcrafted, unique creations home team forged the client's request Noblesse Jewelry, jewelry and ornamental objects made of gold, silver, white gold and other precious metals, adorned with precious and semiprecious stones of priceless treasure surging nature over the centuries perpetuating the craft, lifting it to the rank of art.

Benefits House of jewelry Noblesse friend.

Noblesse Jewelry House has no clients, has friends, if you purchase at least two times since November, will offer three free repair, will free jewelry cleaning and polishing, verify and analyze the gold, silver and precious stones for free, we offer the opportunity to pay in installments, if you want a gift or a jewel in the holidays or during holidays, call and we will meet the wishes;


  • Repair of clocks and watches and clocks, batteries, belts, watch dials and bottles

Our friends are treated preferentially and priority. With us you will always be number one.